Sources For Print Telephone Directories?

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I tried sending this post via usenet, but for some reason it either wasn't approved or never reached the servers. I managed to find my own answer to the question, but more sources can't hurt.

Years ago, I ordered some out-of-state phone directories (I live in California) and received a catalog of where to get more. I remember having a catalog from AT&T and one from GTE (which is now Verizon).

Recently, I was curious to know if you could still order out-of-state/area telephone directores. While sources for online listings were plentiful, print sources were not.

Through some obscure search, I managed to find Verizon's website for this "", but was wondering if that was the only source. I assume that you can also order from your local phone company directly.

This question in this timeframe is like asking for a listing of someone's 8-track tape collection, I realize, but not all cities and places have listings online.

Thanks for any information, and if the original post was rejected for some reason, can you please tell me why. AFAIK, it is telecom related.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So far as I know, your original post did not get to me. It is telecom-related and would have been used, as it was this time. But, you know how it goes with spam on the net. While legitimate mail can often times get lost in the rush of junk coming through, the only email guarenteed prominent placement is spam. PAT]
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