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Where the hell can you get basic unlimited service for only $20 a

> month? I'm sorry but I consider all the little 'fees' to be nothing > but legal extortion.

In the Seattle area, Qwest territory, the basic fee for flat-rate local calling POTS is $12.50/month. The "access fee" and taxes push it up to about $20/month. It's more if the line has long-distance access, but you can disable that and avoid those fees. Specifically, for local-only service:

Residential line $12.50 Federal Access Charge $5.84 City Tax $.80 Local 911 $.50 State 911 $.20 Telephone Assistance Pgm $.14 TRS Excise Federal ADA $.09 ------ $20.07

There may also be a 3% federal excise tax; but I can't figure out which parts of my bill are subject to the tax and what isn't. Even if there is, the sum would still be less than $21.

I won't comment about the fees being legal extortion.

Here in RI a basic line will run you $45 a month.

All due sympathies. Now that Washington State has become a one-party state, I'm sure that our costs and taxes will rise to Northeast standards.

-- Mark --

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