Re: Connecticut OKs Plan by AT&T to Offer TV Without a

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> * Connecticut OKs plan by AT&T to offer TV without a franchise

One reason we pay a lot in cable fees is that each municipality got their hands in the mix and take out their tribute. My town gets several dollars from each customer. How did they get along before cable TV tax revenue (relatively new in my area)?>>

Lord knows how they did it but cities, counties, states and until the feds recently rescinded the Spanish American War Tax of 1898 they all think that communications and services whether it's cable TV or telephone service is just a gravy train for attaching any tax or fee that they think they can ram through. I pay over 25% in taxes and surcharges every month on my telephone services after paying the city, county and state taxes never mind city, state and county 911 charges, surcharges to help the poor country cousins get big city services and on and on. It's just one big gravy train.

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