Re: VoIP Adapter With High REN?

I am trying to switch two of three phone lines in a very large, very

> old house over to VoIP. The house has quite literally twenty > extensions split between the three lines -- I think I need at least 4 > or 5 REN per line, plus the ability to drive all the wire leading to > those handsets (over 100' in some cases) without exploding the audio > output circuit in the ATA. > Does anyone make equipment meant for this that I can use with a > mainstream VoIP provider? It's been suggested to me that Packet8 > might be my best chance since they build their own gear but I don't > see anything suitable on their web site. > I am basically looking for a Cisco ATA-186 (including the 2-line > capability) on steroids.

You might want to try something like a REN extender or two. An example of one can (Viking RG-10A) be found at:

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It claims to boost the ring signal to 15 REN and should work with what ever brand of VOIP interface you have as long as it will already ring a single phone instrument correctly.

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