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>>For college kids of that era, plenty still used the traditional mail >>to communicate with parents, old friends, lovers, etc since long >>distance charges, while dropping, were still expensive. When Bell >>came out with big discounts for direct dialed calls after 11 pm, >>college kids used it since they were often up at odd hours (of course >>some roommates were not and didn't appreciated a midnight phone call.) > >I lived in the neighborhood next to West Harlem Community >College (name changed to protect the innocent) in upper >Manhattan in the 1970s. > >Pretty much anytime I tried making a long distance >call from my home between 23:00 and midnight I'd >get an "all circuits busy" intercept. > >Naturally every time the repair folk checked things >out they were either doing it during the daytime >or from another location.. so things were fine. > >I finally got ahold of someone who put two and two >together and realized that the long distance trunks >between the local central office (which served >my exchange and the college's) and the Long Lines >Center were getting maxed out when all the kids >called out at 11 pm... > >

It looks like so CO engineers were not doing their work on busy time trucking. I remember have to do re-arrangement a couple of times a year. At least now with electronic offices and fiber it makes things a lot easier to do.

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