Re: Spam (was FTC Do Not Call List)

>> >>> One scheme that seemed to me to have some promise was to detect spam

>>> in the SMTP receiving program and deliberately delay its responses >>> to the sending program. So that the transaction of sending a message >>> is stretched out far longer than normal. >> That's called tarpitting. It would work against spammers who use >> their own resources to send. Those who use armies of zombies wouldn't >> care. > I would think that at least it cuts down on the amount of spam, if > enough of the zombies get stuck in tarpits.

It would, if access to zombies were the limiting factor. It isn't.

Also, a lot of spam engines are written so that tarpitting doesn't slow them down (but the machine doing the tarpitting never gets the message, so there's some benefit there).


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Seth Breidbart
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