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It's a great idea, but wouldn't work for us who have so many lame-

> brained friends who would never remember any code. We can't even get > our friends to remember to change their email addressbook when we > change our email provider.

Not just those who can't remember a four digit code, but how about those who never got your code? I tried to call an old friend the other night whom I hadn't spoken to in years. He's got that feature installed and I have no idea what his code is. So, I didn't get to talk to an old buddy I hadn't been in contact with in a very long time. And there's no way to leave him a message letting him know I called.

There is also an item called "Caller ID Manager" from Privacy Corps. > It looks like a separate Caller ID box, but can be set to block > whatever numbers you program into it, including all 800 numbers, all > 888 numbers, unidentified numbers, etc. Costs about $100. From the > description, it looks like it works on one phone and one would have to > add "remotes" for other phones. (Google it).

There are always technological solutions out there. Sad we have to pay to keep telemarketers from calling us.

I think an amendment to the Telemarketing Laws is in order, to > prohibit any telemarketer, calling on behalf of any charity or > political organization, from calling any number more than once a year.

They've done one better than that. They've passed a law allowing you to have your number listed as a number that telemarketers are not allowed to call. And when they do call, you can report it to the FTC. When they get enough complaints, they can take action against them. I've got all of my home numbers (and I have a few) listed on it. I can't even remember when was the last time I received a telemarketing call.


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