Re: Some Concerned About Privacy Implications of E-ZPass System

John Lev>> The potential for privacy problems is severe, but to their credit I

>> don't think I've ever heard reports of abuses. Besides the >> possibility of tracking people by tag use, there's the violation >> tracking issue. If you drive through an E-ZPAss booth in NY with no >> tag or an invalid tag, a camera takes a picture of your car and they >> will ask the state DMV to look up the license plate number so they can >> send you a ticket. > The original private contractor for the NJ EZP system was notoriously, > sending out many violation notices that weren't deserved. That > strongly discouraged motorists from adopting EZP. Of course, now the > NJTpk intends to eliminate the EZP discount, which is a stupid move > since it removes the incentive for motorists to use EZP, esp > occassional drivers. Result is more overcrowding in cash lanes.

Massachusetts doesn't give a discount for FastLane, but last year they instituted a tax deduction if you use it enough to be considered a commuter (I think $150 or $250).

Barry Margolin, Arlington, MA

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