Re: Here's how Vonage-Verizon E-911 Will Work

> While the process documented mirrors the process for traditional

>> landline phones, it doesn't address what happens when the VoIP user >> takes their phone someplace else and then calls 9-1-1. Which center >> is called? The one for their home of record or the one serving the >> hotel/motel/grandma's house? > What kind of nitwit would go to all of the effort of booting up a VoIP > phone in those circumstances rather than using the POTS phone next to > the bed? > The VoIP E911 issue only really matters for people using VoIP as a > primary home phone, and it is my distinct impression that those phones > rarely move.

I think people are expecting more and more users to start doing VoIP on mobile devices, replacing cellphones. So their VoIP phone will be hanging on their belt, always on and looking for open WiFi hotspots to connect through.

Barry Margolin, Arlington, MA

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