Re: Nextel False Advertising

but now these guys are stuck with a couple phones that are useless,

> and a contract to boot.

Did you even check this out? To my knowledge if you sign up with a carrier and move to an area that they do not serve they usually will let you out of a contract. They may need some proof such as a utility bill, but more than likely they would be let out of any contractual obligation. If no one checked that out that's yet another error that they've made.

When newer technologies are sort > of a mystery even to relatively experienced users, how is it that kids > in their early/mid twenties getting a 'cellular phone' for the first > time in their lives are expected to know anything?

No one needs to play the "victim" in this day and age. You do some not so hard research on the net and you find an answer! Just typing "cellular phone basics" into Google brings up over 800,000 hits! Going to google and asking the question "cellular service independence missouri" brings up several results including a Google page showing all registered cellular towers around Independence. It also shows you which services are available.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are wrong! I am no where close to Independence, MO; I am in Independence, KS, about 300 miles southwest and I know what cell towers we have around here. Independence, MO is a suburb of Kansas City, MO, which is nowhere near me. But I will explain to Justin how to use Google and look for the information he will need if he wishes to cancel his contract. He will be returning back home to Orlando, FL in about a week. PAT]
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