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Nextel has No Roaming Charges as stated in all their ads "anywhere on Nextel's Nationwide Network" Nextel is Based on iDEN and operates in the

800 mhz band, if there is no iDEN network, the phone is a hockypuck, its worthless as a phone, so its not a lack of *some* coverage, its a lack of *COMPATIBLE* Coverage, Nextel cannot roam on a GSM, TDMA, CDMA or AMPS network, it must be iDEN, one of the drawback of Nextel is, it is not rural as a rule, unless you're in the southeast.

Robert Johnson (feel free to spool this out to the list, just obscure my email if ya could)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If a cellular telephone company told you 'we have no roaming charges' would you take that to mean (1) we have arrangements with other carriers and do not charge you _extra money_ for roaming, or would you take that statement to mean (2) we do not have any roaming at all? Since in the past, the subject of excessive charges for 'roaming' on another carrier's network has often times been an issue (since resolved by many carriers with 'national' plans such as the old AT&T), wouldn't you think that statement would be interpreted as (1) above? PAT]
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