Re: Fiber Cut Knocks S.E. Kansas Off Line

A sort of odd event: Using my geo-locating tools and my javascripts,

> when I go to those places which identify my whereabouts, I am always > correctly located in Independence, KS (although not on my exact spot > on the map but within a couple blocks); but when I was using my > TerraWorld modem backup line yesterday, the same pages and tools said > I was in 'Ballwin, Missouri' (which is not that far away, about a > hundred miles east and a bit south -- but still). I wish I knew how > those geo-locating tools worked. PAT]

Last time I checked, Ballwin, MO, is just outside of St. Louis -- a tad further east from Independence, KS, than "about a hundred miles".

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are quite correct; I was thinking of a small town in southwest Missouri close to the Arkansas border. The geotools stuff did claim yesterday that I was in Ballwin (since I was using dial up via TerraWorld; I dunno why. Any ideas on that? PAT]
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