Re: New Frontier For Spammers; Text Messaging

Nearly 10 billion text messages are sent by U.S. cell phone users

> every month. If you don't think that's caught the attention of > spammers, think again. > One recent study indicates that millions of text-message spams are in > circulation already. The majority target younger cell phone users who > send the most text messages. But experts say it could be just a matter > of time before text spam becomes more widespread.

Mr Lazarus failed to differentiate between text messages that are sent from phone-to-phone and text messages that are sent to the phone's email address e.g. phone to phone might be sent to 3118675309 and email sent to a phone might be sent to for reaching a T-Mobile subscriber. Generally sending phone-to-phone text messages will cost the sender. Email text messages for the sender more than likely has not cost but the recipient will of course be dinged for each message received. It's important to not that there

*is* a difference. If someone spreads arouncd their phone's email address without carefully considdering who's going to have that phone number they may be a little more careful where they give out the phone email address.
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