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> Wow! I can barely send 10 messages a day. The most is about 20 and

>> half of those are business related. > I've sent five since the start of the year, and that's probably higher > than average.

And I'm betting that you're not in your teens any longer or that you don't live in the Philippines either :)

Many factors determine how much people use text messaging. Among the factors are the age groups involved, how much voice calling costs as well as what's "right" for the situation. Many times the sending of a text message to someone who's tied up with something is a better fit for that person than actually making them stop what they are doing to have a telephone conversation with you at the moment.

According to

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79 billion text messages were sent in the UK in the year 2008.

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Joseph Singer
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I know that with our basic Verizon plan, with text msgs at $0.20 US each, it's not going to happen!

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Julian Thomas

In article you write:

Better upgrade to the Select plan with unlimited texts, then get that thumb in shape.

R's, John

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John Levine

True, but 14,528 messages per month is an average of one every 3 minutes day and night! Or one every 2 waking minutes if the person is asleep 1/3 of the time. Someone needs to get a life!

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Or the original story is exaggered, which is what I suspect.

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