Re: Last Laugh! Stop Junk Faxes!

Are you fed up with companies sending you junk faxes? Here are simple

> ways to fight back: > 1- Never ever call that toll free number that they put for you to be > removed from their fax. If you call that number you are confirming > that your fax number is good, and you will get more fax. They might > remove you from one list, and put you on 10 other lists!. > 2- Call the company that the fax is listing for you to call them > (usually their toll free number) to inquire about whatever they want > to sell you or make you sign up for services, and tell them the > following: > you: Hi ... > them: Hi ... > you: Got your fax ... > them: Are you interested in Blah Blah Blah ... > you: No ... > them: Why you calling us? > you: Because I got your fax and I don't want amy ore faxes. > them: Give me your fax number and I'll remove you from the list. > you:No thanks, if I gave u my fax number, I will recieve more faxes. > them: so why you calling us. > you: Because I got your fax, and don't want more faxes. > They will hang up. > Repeat the above to the same number at least 10 times for each fax you > recieve! > Trust me this method will send them a signal that what they are doing > is wrong, and that it is time for them to stop faxing people that do > not care to recieve their faxes. > Let me know how it works for you.

and/or "You already have my number. Could please fax the info in BRAILLE?"


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