Re: Judge Hits Vonage With Injuction; Stop Using Verizon Technology

> So it's the connection method is it? Far as I can recall, switches of

>> all sizes have been IP aware for quite some time now. My Vonage line >> is in essence a VoIP phone connected to a real switch. Verizon and >> that damned jury doesn't seem to understand that part. > Have *you* read the patents in question?

Yes. These patents are garbage. pppp The claim in patent 6,282,574 is basically for ENUM, look up a name and get an IP address, but it was filed in 2000, when ENUM was already well known.

The claim in patent 6,104,711 covers a lookup that returns a primary or a backup server if the primary isn't available, filed in 1997, utterly obvious if you ever saw MX records.

Patent 6,359,880 is actually about tracking roaming cell phones, using the Internet to send the registration data. I cannot figure out how anything that Vonage does could possibly infringe, since the claims are specific to a "wireless telephone terminal".



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