Re: Judge Hits Vonage With Injuction; Stop Using Verizon Technology

>> Peter wrote:

>>> A federal judge dealt a blow to Vonage Holdings Corp. that sent its >>> stock reeling on Friday, when he agreed to bar the company from >>> using Internet phone call technology patented by Verizon >>> Communications Inc. ... A jury on March 8 found Vonage had >>> infringed three patents owned by Verizon. ... >> When Vonage hit the scene, a number of participants here were quite >> enthused about it. I am curious as to what they think of the current >> situation. >> Also, could anyone explain -- in layman's terms -- what the three >> patents covered? > From Cnet: > "The patents Vonage was found to have infringed deal with technologies > involving connection of VoIP calls to the regular phone network, some > features for implementing call-waiting and voice-mail services, and VoIP > calls using Wi-Fi handsets."

So it's the connection method is it? Far as I can recall, switches of all sizes have been IP aware for quite some time now. My Vonage line is in essence a VoIP phone connected to a real switch. Verizon and that damned jury doesn't seem to understand that part.

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