Re: Judge Hits Vonage With Injuction; Stop Using Verizon Technology

T wrote:

>> So it's the connection method is it? Far as I can recall, switches of >> all sizes have been IP aware for quite some time now. My Vonage line >> is in essence a VoIP phone connected to a real switch. Verizon and >> that damned jury doesn't seem to understand that part. > I don't think you can properly draw a conclusion from such a > simplistic analysis. > We still don't know exactly what the three infringed patents were. > (If we had the patent numbers, we could look them up at the patent > office.) > In any event, whatever switchgear Vonage uses cannot be built with any > patented technologies owned by Verizon. But they did, in three > separate areas. Simple as that. To say the "jury didn't understand" > without much more detailed information is premature.

In essence, Vonage is nothing but an extender. Oh, they authenticate you via SIP, but otherwise you're hooking up to a real big iron switch at the front end.

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