Re: Internet Phone Companies May Cut Off Customers

I can't help but ponder upon the irony that a ruling intended to make

> people aware of how the service may not work as they believe could > result in the service being withdrawn altogether, so they won't be > able to place ANY call. > To hear the fuss, it kind of makes me wonder how anybody ever managed > before 911. > I know when I was down in Georgia around 1992/93 there were still > quite a few of the more rural counties which had no 911 service at > all, so it's not as though we're talking about ancient history either.

Sometime between my freshman year in high school (1984-5) and my junior year (1986-7), I did a piece for the high school paper about Cuyahoga County, Ohio's new 9-1-1 system (not Enhanced 9-1-1, mind you, just 9-1-1).

Cuyahoga County is one of the largest counties in Ohio (second largest IIRC), and includes Cleveland, the 25th largest city in the USA.

I thought it was a godsend. The South Euclid Police Department's number was 216-381-1234 and our home phone number was

216-381-1231. I'd gotten tired of taking emergency calls for them. :)

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