Re: Do Cell Phones Still Offer "A" and "B" Carriers?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Is the battery drain _that_ dramatic

> between analog and digital (you said 'prefer to have more than a > minute or two of battery life'). PAT]

I engaged in hyperbole, to some extent. My Kyocera 7135 (CDMA/Analog phone plus Palm OS PDA) tends to live for about one and a half to two days before needing to be recharged real bad. Very little of that is talk time; the worst drain is when I am in an area with bad coverage (such as an underground garage, where I go to smoke my socially unacceptable pipe when the outdoor environment is uninviting), when the lack of a digital signal causes the phone to transmit re[eated desparate attempts to contact an analog host; that, plus the illuminated message that there is no signal, tends to drain the battery. With the phone permanently turned off, and only occasional use of the Palm features, the battery lasts for weeks. The phone is good for quite a while on digital calls, but analog calls drain it very fast, given that they tend to be at full power, since it only reverts to analog when the digital signals fail to penetrate.

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