Re: Do Cell Phones Still Offer "A" and "B" Carriers?

> Do today's cell phones have any option to do that?

> None that I've seen. Typically the A carrier is TDMA or GSM, and the > B carrier is CDMA, so if you forced the phone to the other one it'd > have to fall back to analog and cellco's don't like that.

My CDMA/Analog Kyocera 7135 can choose A preferred or B preferred; it can also be set to analog only or digital only. Obviously, it won't work on TDMA or GSM, but can be used on a manually forced analog A or B. Not that I would have any interest in doing so, however, because I would prefer to have more than a minute or two of battery life.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Is the battery drain _that_ dramatic between analog and digital (you said 'prefer to have more than a minute or two of battery life'). PAT]
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