Re: Dear comp.dcom.telecom Readers

I thought this (comp.dcom.telecom) was a moderated newsgroup.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I kept the 'Re:' on the subject line of this message because even though _I_ did not see this message at all (it may have fallen in the spam trash basket here and gone unobserved), apparently _some people_ got the original comment. If anyone wants to tell me what the _original message_ was all about, I will be most appreciative. My presumption (we know what 'they' say about 'assume' and 'assumption'; what do 'they' say about 'presume' and 'presumption'?) is that it was some flavor of spam, or scam, or other get-rich-quick scheme. And yes, mc, c.d.t. is in theory a moderated newsgroup. Years and years ago, I would have seen your message (of course, I probably would have seen my copy of it also) and dropped everything to rush around and find out which news site had a leak which was allowing the spam/scam to propogate around the net. It was important to keep _my_ newsgroup looking impeccable. I would have sat here and put out control:cancel messages until I was blue in the face, to keep the newsgroup clean. That's when I was known as the moderator who did not give a shit, or even an iota of a shit.

For quite some time now, Usenet has been an area that I simply cannot be concerned about. Yes, I still feed it daily, but no, I do not worry about the sewage which flows in from everywhere on an almost daily basis. Like the former crown jewel of the south, New Orleans, the internet is sinking deeper and deeper into the mire every day. Like we are going to see in the instance of New Orleans where most people who _matter_ and most institutions which _matter_ are going to desert it totally over the next couple of years, giving it over to the Red Ants which are feasting on the carcasses -- human and animal -- floating along Canal Street, we'll begin to see (already have begun to see) less and less of what _matters_ on the net, which in the 1980-90's used to be our own crown jewel. If someone who has a copy of the message in question will send it to me, I'll do a cancel on it if it is still possible. PAT]

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