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It *is* a Joe Job, and a ludicrously obvious one at that. Tom

> St.Denis is a frequent and valuable (if occasionally rather brusk) > contributor to sci.crypt, and some nimrod he annoyed is obviously > trying to cause major trouble for him.

I don't know if you realize it, but you just did the same thing. You just accused hunters of being behind the Joe Job.

For your information, a nimrod is a hunter. Clueless cityfolk seem to have a notion that this funny-sounding word is an insult. It is not.

Nimrod first appears in the Bible in Gen. 10:8-12 as "the first on earth to be a mighty man. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord." The other mentions of Nimrod are Mic. 5:6 and I. Chron 1:10, where Assyria is called the "land of Nimrod". Apparently, Nimrod is the ancient Hebrew name of the Mesopotamian hero Gilgamesh.

It is high praise to call a hunter a "nimrod". A community that objects vociferously to misuse of "hacker" should not misuse "nimrod".

-- Mark --

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