Re: Conficker spam bots could send 400 billion emails per day [telecom]

|COMPUTERWORLD / Security |April 10, 2009 | |Conficker botnet could flood Web with spam |------------------------------------------ | | It could send billions of messages daily, | says Russian security researcher | |By |Gregg Keizer


|Gostev also noted that almost every message contained a unique domain |in the embedded link, a tactic spammers sometimes use to side-step |antispam filters, which analyze the frequency that any one domain is |used. "We detected the use of 40,542 third-level domains and 33 |second-level domains," said Gostev. "They all belonged to spammers |and the companies that ordered these mailings."

If they know which companies ordered the mailings why don't they go after them (or at least list them)?

|Most of the domains are hosted in China, he added.

This seems carefully worded to make the perpetrators appear out of reach. Who cares where the domains are hosted? I want to know where those companies that ordered the mailings are incorporated.

Dan Lanciani ddl@danlan.*com

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