Ping of Death - Sixty per day...???

Hi, I'm connected to the internet via a D-Link router. Since about six month I receive about sixty (yes 60) Ping of Death per day from different source IPs (many from each IP)... I'd like to know if there's a reason for this?

Any ideas?


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They're tring to kill you????


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Hey Hey!

They should try to find another method though, since the router blocks those ping of deaths without any apparent problem. I'm just wondering why they do that and would like to know if they do it on purpose. I do a lot of bittorrent... Could it be related?

Thanks! neilsanner

Frankster wrote:

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He's trying to suggest to you that 60 per day (or even a high rate) is simply Internet background noise that's part of the usual everyday Internet. It's how it works.

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"neilSanner" wrote in news:

If the router is blocking it and it's never reaching a machine behind the router, then why are you worried about it?

I suggest you lookup with Google what the Ping of Death attack means and how it works.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Internet noise...That makes sense.

Thanks everyone!



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