Comcast Filtering SPAM & Windows Live Messenger verification emails?

For the past two days I have been trying to verify my email address with Messenger Live. I triple checked the email address, disabled the SPAM filters in the Web application and still I don't receive any email from microsoft asking me to click ont hesacred link to verify the email. I had a friend try it, and his worked right away. Why am I getting "fr33 S_E_X1!" emails while the MSN email just won't get through? Comcast support is obviously no help. They're saying its Microsoft. Ebay, gets through perfectly. Paypal - OK. even my IRC nicknames - neswletters get through.

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Does Comcast have an online email page where you can read mail and set user preferences - possibly including spam/junk settings ? If so, I would check it out and see if there's a way to force email trough from a given domain or turn off a filter that could be stopping your email from getting through. If the have a spam/junk log, you might be able to determine if indeed they are stopping the M$ email if you find it there.

I know you can at least set the delete time on mail boxes, but not sure about their filtering capabilities.

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