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>> So Cincinnati Bell is not owned by one of the "big" regional baby >> bells? Who is "Broadwing"? > During the 90's Cincinnati Bell decided there was two things wrong > with their name: "Cincinnati" and "Bell". It wasn't edgy enough. It > merged the name of a bland Midwestern city with a word synonymous with > the old telecom world. This was the 90's! We were hip! Cyberspace > was the thing. So they changed the name. Cincinnati Bell had > holdings and businesses outside of the Cincinnati area who did > business as "Broadwing".

Hey! We're not *that* bland! Note that Cincinnati Bell did not buy Broadwing to get into cyberspace. They already were there with their DSL offering (I tried to get it when it first came out but I'm too far from the CO). In the late '90s, Cincinnati Bell thought they couldn't grow if they didn't go national, so they bought Broadwing. The holding company was called Broadwing, of which Cincinnati Bell was a part (I still wrote checks to Cincinnati Bell). A few years ago, they finally realized Broadwing was too much of a financial drain on the company, and sold it off. They went back to being known as Cincinnati Bell because it had good connotations in people's minds.

Note also that Cincinnati Bell used to also own Convergys (it was actually called Cincinnati Bell Information Systems when I worked there in '96). That was spun off, too.

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