Re: Cincinnati Bell and SNET (was Cingular & at&t)

So Cincinnati Bell is not owned by one of the "big" regional baby > bells?

Right. It's traded on the NYSE as CBB, currently selling for about $5.50 per share. The largest single owner is the Wells Fargo Bank which owns 4.68%, I'm sure entirely on behalf of mutual fund and investment clients.

Who is "Broadwing"?

Nowadays it's part of Level 3, a largish wholesale Internet and long distance provider. It used to be Cinci Bell's long distance and Internet division. For a while, back when people were under the mistaken impression that you could make a whole lot of money in Internet and long distance (see Qwest and MCI for the dismal reality), CBB used Broadwing as its corporate name. But they wised up and spat Broadwing out.

* The Pennsylvania Railroad once had a slogan "the standard railroad > of the world". People mistook that to me it was heavilly > standardized. What it actually meant was that the railroad was the > leader, the "standard-bearer" of all other railroads.

Actually, it meant both. The Wikipedia article has good coverage of this.



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