Re: Cell Phone Owners Just Want Simple Phones

> So far, Sprint Nextel is doing something right as its subscribers

>> spend the highest average amount for data services in the industry. > Something right for the stockholders, or something right for the > customers? Many of us are severely annoyed by the nickle-and-dime > pricing approach of the carriers. We might pay a proportionate amount > extra for a worthwhile service, but $$ for a ringtone? More money for > a 10-second audio clip than for a full track on iTunes? Mature adults > just say no. >> Charles Golvin of Forrester Research said a recent survey indicated >> few cellular customers choose a phone based on its usability, >> typically because they either don't think there's anything better or, >> like Bales in Kansas City, don't think they need those services. > One thing Sprint is doing wrong, IMHO, is narrowing the choice of > phones available. They don't offer simple phones any more. I know that > electronic economics means you can always get more for less as time > passes, but sometimes you still just want less. > I'm in the market for a new phone. I want a "candy-bar" style phone > with a USB connector that allows me to manage my name list using my > computer. I don't own or want to own any Windows or Mac systems. I > don't care about a camera or browser. I don't care about a color > screen. I do want a keyboard with all the numbers of equal size and > arranged in a rectangular grid and with very few additional keys. The > keys should be essentially the only moving parts on the phone. Can > anyone suggest a candidate for my business? > Dave Close, Compata, Costa Mesa CA "Greed is to the moralists of the >, +1 714 434 7359 left what sex is to the moralists > of the right." - Cathy Young

Sounds like you need to combine the Nokia 1100 from Tracfone

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with the USB cable from
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and you should have what you are asking for.

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