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John Levine sent a message to the Digest regards my new cell phone, which got trashed by accident mid all the spam here tonight. I now have a Nokia 6010 and complained here yesterday about being unable to use any of my accessories as a result. John said the Nokia 6340i was almost identical in shape, size, etc to the Nokia 5165 for which I have all my atachments.

What I want to know is if the 'pinout' on the bottom of the 6340i phone is identical to the 5165 (so therefore things like my 'cell socket' will work (use cell phone connected to another regular style phone) and my headset (which relies on an adapter I got at Radio Shack to connect with the pinout on the bottom).

If that is true (pinout works identical) then how would I go about swapping out the SIM which was installed in this phone and putting it into the 6340i which I will buy from EBay?

Also some of the sellers on EBay say their (Nokia type) phones are 'unlocked' but I see no mention of Cingular Wireless on many of them. The 6340i phones however seem very inexpensive around $15-20 usually.

Any comments?


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