Re: Can Somebody Please Explain CSD to Me?

I live in San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area) and have Cingular GSM

> service with a Nokia 6620 phone. I'm told that with CSD I can use my > phone as a modem for my laptop and place a point-to-point data call to > my ISP. Is that right?

Yes. Although I don't know what 'CSD' stands for in this context.

Does my ISP need any special equipment to receive this call, or does > any regular dial up line suffice for the destination?

The ISP doesn't need special equipment. Your GSM provider (Cingular) needs modem equipment to convert gsm-data to normal 9600 bps calls.

Your ISP does need to accept calls at those rates. Some have their modems set up to reject calls at 'lower' speeds.

What do I tell the Cingular sales people on the phone that I want to > buy?

A Nokia 6620 data cable. A google search for that term gives me

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Thanks in advance for the help. I won't have any trouble setting up a > dialup connection on my PC, but I'm afraid I don't know very much > about cell phone technology.

To your computer it will look like a normal modem that understands Hayes commands to build a connection and dial your ISP. Your phone will convert it to a gsm-data call. Cingular can have a different rate for those calls and not count it against 'voice' minutes you may have.

Hope this helps in getting yourself connected,


Koos van den Hout

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