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One famous kind of test number belongs to NYNEX, the regional Bell

> telephone company operating in the northeast U.S.A.. In New York at > least, there are "9901" numbers, or local numbers of the form xxx.9901, > which result in a recording which identifies the exchange represented > by the first three digits. The 9901 numbers may not necessarily exist > for all combinations of first three local number (central office code) > digits. > > All these tests and services vary with each phone company; they are > not usually found in the phone book, needless to say.

In the old New England Telephone days, I used to dial 9816 for a ringback. Not sure if the "6" could be any digit or not..


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Gene S. Berkowitz
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Yes it used to be 981+last 4 digits of your telephone number in RI.

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Forgot to add, 980 would do tone pad test and quiet line.

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In Boston (617-266, anyway, which is served by a 5ESS), it's

113-xxxx, where xxxx is the last four digits of the number. It responds with a tone. If you tap ("flash") the switchhook at the tone, wait a few seconds, and hang up, the line will ring.

If the original poster just wants to ring a phone that is not connected to a CO line, there are several devices that can be used as a ring generator. Among other options, the "Tele-Q" is made for live stage use, or a Western Electric 118A can be salvaged from a 1A2 system.

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Scott Norwood

Wisconsin's Viking Electronics (

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, mailto: ) offers a box that emits ring signal, as well, their DLE-200B Line Simulator, roughly $100.- last I knew.

Cheers, -- tlvp

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