Re: AT&T doubling 3G capacity [telecom]

before AT&T implements next-gen wireless technologies.

What is "3G" and "4G"?>>

I'm really not trying to be catty here, but these terms are easily findable by doing a search using tools like

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access (HSPA) from 3.6 megabits per second to 7.2 Mb/s through

software upgrades at the base station

I presume this HSPA is some sort of data communication. But what is being "downlinked", and from what to what and what does that higher speed mean in terms of service?>>

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HSPA is just another high speed mobile data configuration.

As far as "G's" 1G is first generation cellular i.e. AMPS analog cellular service. 2G cellular technology would be IS-136 "TDMA", GSM and CDMA. 3G are mostly for high-speed data. It probably doesn't do a lot for voice calling. The point of 3G and coming 4G networks is the way that they handle data as the important thing. 3G technology wouldn't affect you pretty much at all if all you use mobile phones for is using it for making voice calls.

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