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I have a project to determine all of the fax machines on our 4000 line

> campus. I would like to find a software package that I can configure > with our telephone extentions and dial each one and have it record the > numbers that receive a fax tone ?? Any ideas ? > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Are you certain that your only purpose > with this is to 'check out' the fax machines under the supervision of > the person(s) who employ you (for this purpose)? In other words, such > a program, if one exists, would have no reason to stop at 4000 lines; > it might as well check for fax machines all over the country, and we > have had some unfavorable reports here of that happening a lot; that > is, phone rings, someone answers, dead silence because the caller was > only looking for fax machines, etc. PAT]

I'm looking for just the same thing.

I hate junk faxes, but I've figured out a way to get some satisfaction.

Currently there is no law that says (where I live) that I cannot program a computer to call numbers looking for fax machines. I think there's a restriction in that it cannot call in order, but randomizing a list is trivial.

What I propose to do is as follows:

a) find fax numbers; b) when a fax number is found, send a fax saying: i. hello fax machine, I've found you. ii. I'm making a list of fax numbers, and you are number ; iii. I am selling my list to companies who wish to do mass faxings; iv. you can buy my list for $x; v. you can have your number removed from my list for $y; vi. if you, like me, hate junk faxes: 1. there's no law aginst it right now; 2. if you, like me, would like a law aganst it, contact one (list of local legistlators); 3. in the meantime, I'm happy making money.

Think I'll start with the prefixes that cover the local government offices first ...

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