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Robert B>> Not only 'not a lawyer', but not much of a geographer, either. :) the

>> original poster lives in _Canada_. > The first poster of the thread displayed to me stated the person > wanted to test lines within his company. Aside from being a rather > foolish thing to). Almost all posters here are from the > U.S. do, it was still inside a PBX and thus ok. > However, a subsequent poster boasted about doing this outside a > business. Nowhere did I see any statement that he was not in the U.S. > (If I missed it I apologize.)

It should have been pretty easy to catch from the header in the message from the second poster (who was, as you mention, the one who stated that there was no law where he/she lived preventing fax-hunting):

From: jtaylor > Subject: Re: Campus Fax Finder > Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:39:13 -0300 > Organization: MCI Canada News Reader Service

Judging from the "MCI Canada" newsreader, the GMT -0300 time offset and the "hfx" in his (obfuscated) email address, I would hazard a more specific guess that he/she is located in or near Halifax, Nova Scotia. But the "Canada" part is pretty hard to miss regardless.

(P.S. I'm familiar with Canada, but what/where is _Canada_ ? Is that > a separate region with different rules than main Canada?)

Lisa, this hardly becomes you. You are a well-known long-time and respected contributor to the Digest, so people will simply not find it credible if you claim you have never seen underscores used to indicate emphasis before. Any casual perusal of the back issues will show thousands of examples of such usage, which has its origins in the typewriter days when underlining was used for emphasis. Not all early computer display devices could handle underlining consistently, so a convention developed in which prefixing and suffixing a phrase with underscore characters indicated that the reader should treat the entire intervening phrase as if it were underlined.

Bob Goudreau Cary, NC

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