Sharing One Line for Fax and Voice?


We currently have two landlines, one totally unbundled (ie. voice is VoIP on an ADSL line), and the other is a regular analog line, just to receive faxes.

Since we receive very few faxes these days, we'd like to close the second line, and receive faxes on the ADSL line.

Are there some kind of boxes to plug on an RJ11 with two outgoing RJ11 plugs, that can tell if an incoming call is voice or fax, and direct the call to the ad hoc plug, either a handset or a fax-modem?

Thank you.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There sure is, and I hate to keep making embarassing plugs for Mike Sandman repeatedly in the same issue of the Digest, but he offers in his catalog 'line sharing' devices which do what you want. It answers the phone and if it hears a fax tone it immediatly shifts the call over to your fax machine line. Look at
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at 'line sharing devices'. PAT]
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