Q.: Credo mobile: who are they? [telecom]

Postal flier reached me yesterday, from "Credo mobile", seemingly a MVNO reselling Sprint wireless service, and portraying itself as anti-tea-party in keeping with its activist-oriented sales hook.

Who -- or what -- are they, really? In league with Working Assets? Other?

TIA; and cheers, -- tlvp

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They are a new (2007) name for Working Assets. Same operation.


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Dave Garland

A number of years ago, Working Assets (a "socially conscious" mutual fund) started to provide long distance service. That service morphed into Credo - I'm not sure if they spun out the business or sold it, but the transition was seamless from the customer point of view. Later, Credo started to provide wireless service as Credo Mobile.

As far as I know, Working Assets itself went out of business a few years ago, when the CEO (?) became ill, and needed to retire. They found another "socially conscious" fund to take over the assets (the Working Assets mutual funds were terminated, with the money going into similar funds managed by the other organization).

For what it is worth, I have been a satisfied Credo customer for years, but have not tried Credo Mobile.


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Mark Kaminsky

Maybe the original mutual fund disappeared, but the credit cards that give part of their earnings to nonprofits are still around:

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Patty Winter

They are Working Assets, which changed their name some time ago.

Also, the long distance service recently moved from MCI-provided service to Sprint-provided service. Don't know about the mobile services.


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Scott Dorsey

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