People Complaining About Poor Phone Service, High Prices

Outcry over poor service by telecomms providers

The public has expressed concern over the lack of seriousness on the part of the country's mobile and fixed telephone providers in providing an efficient service delivery to their customers.

People who spoke to Newsnet in Harare said the services they are getting are not commensurate with the charges they are paying to the providers.

Having a fixed or a mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity especially in a country like Zimbabwe which has a well educated human resources base.

However most subscribers are complaining of poor service delivery being offered by the providers especially the country's three mobile phone providers.

A snap survey conducted by Newsnet in Harare revealed that most subscribers are bitter about the service they are getting especially now when the providers are constantly increasing tariffs.

Others revealed that they are losing out in some business opportunities because of lack of communication with potential customers.

The problems has also affected fixed telephones which are never repaired after developing technical faults with some subscribers complaining that although they have reported their faults to the relevant authorities nothing has been done by the providers in the last three months.

The sprawling phone shops have not spared the consumers either as their unilaterally increasing tariffs making it impossible for the ordinary people to make calls.

Cases have been heard of phone shops overcharging customers with no action being taken by the service providers.

The public has not been spared as Zimbabwe might be the only country where mobile telephone lines are not readily available on the legal market.

The country opened up the telecommunications industry and to date Zimbabwe has three mobile phone operators and one fixed telephone operator.

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