Pat is back at home and needs your help

> I would still like to have Pat Townson's temporary address - I usually > send him some money around the first of the month. >


Pat is back at home:

Patrick Townson

611 East Poplar Independence KS 67301

His cell phone number is 620-505-0107.

He's receiving some in-home care, but is relying on friends and relatives for most of the help he needs.

When I talked to him today, he mentioned that his air conditioner had broken, and he's asked the Digest's readers to help out so that he can get it fixed. He's going to need about $250.00 for that, so your contribution will come in very handy.

With that in mind, I'll write a note to the Digest too. Anyone out there who can help, please do: you can contribute via PayPal at this address:

... or, simply use the contributions link on the website, which is at

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I don't imagine it's very pleasant trying to recover from a stroke in Eighty-degree-plus heat: according to the National Weather Service, that's the forecast for Independence every day for the next week. I'm making my contribution as soon as I send this, so I'll ask the other Digest readers to help out too.

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I just tried the "" address, and PayPal says it's not registered. Please use the contribution link on the web page instead.

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I just verified the correct address for PayPal contributions to Pat: the link on the website is also good.

Pat's PayPal address is .

Sorry for the confursion.

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