OAN's latest desperate move proves that Verizon should drop them too [telecom]

After losing DirecTV amid lawsuits and requests for blackmail, OAN is now biting one of the only hands still feeding it

By Bobby Lewis

One America News Network is a small, violently bigoted, anti-democracy network with a permanent victim complex and a penchant for attacking its carriers with both on-air commentary and lawsuits. There is still no reason whatsoever for any cable company to force all their subscribers to pay for their garbage.

In recent days, OAN has begun attacking the telecom company Verizon for targeting OAN and other right-wing news organizations & right before the midterms. The issue, drawn from a Breitbart article that inspired this wave of programming, appears to be largely a Guide to Misinformation on Verizons corporate website, which does not mention OAN.

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