Verizon: Heavy Web users should pay more [telecom]

Verizon: Heavy Web users should pay more by Grant Gross

Heavy broadband users should help shoulder the cost of their traffic, but Verizon Communications does not give preferential treatment to some Web traffic, the company's CEO said Monday.

Still, Verizon has had its own interconnection discussions with Netflix related to increasing the video provider's traffic speeds on the broadband carrier's networks, Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam said. Following a Sunday announcement that Comcast and Netflix had reached an interconnection deal, McAdam said his company has had similar discussions with the video provider.

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My company (Southwestern Bell) at AT&T's urging tried to sell the idea of "Usage Sensitive Pricing" to customers and commissions for POTS.

Turned out the idea was highly despised by almost everyone, including customers you could show would save money.

Perhaps they would react similarly to broadband users today. Wes Leatherock

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