NYS AG Spitzer Again, This Time vs. Spyware/Adware/Popups

" Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today sued one of the most elusive internet spyware companies, alleging that the firm surreptitiously installed millions of pop-up ad programs on consumers' computers.

" The suit against the Direct Revenue company seeks a court order enjoining the firm from secretly installing spyware or sending ads through already-installed spyware. The suit also asks the court to compel the company to provide an accounting of its revenues and asks the court to impose appropriate monetary penalties...

" The company's executives specifically highlighted the insidious nature of their product. For example Direct Revenue's then-CEO Josh Abram (a defendant in the lawsuit) boasted in an April 2005 email to a distributor, ' We have a very stealthy version of our adware product which we're happy to give u... Don't worry. If we do a deal -- a build together -- these will not be caught'.


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