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I bought a RAZR V3 USB data cable with Motorola Phone Tools at an at&t phone store. It's worked well for tethering with a Motorola SLVR (aka L2) produced for Cingular/at&t, but I wonder: will it work just as well for tethering a RAZR V3 produced for T-Voicestream/T-Mobile? Or will the RAZR's use of 1700 MHz where the L2 uses 1900 MHz put a crimp in things?

TIA for any comments of any help. And cheers, -- tlvp

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I don't see any reason why it wouldn't have any problem with tethering. The best thing is to just try it, if in doubt.

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What is tethering, please?

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Rudy Valencia

Basically it is the use of a cellular phone being used as a data modem for a PC or other device that can be attached to the phone using a USB adapter cable or in some cases using Bluetooth.

Here is a link with more info:

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Leveraging your phone's data network capabilities for other devices such as a laptop. For example, you can combine an iPhone's 3G and WifI capabilities to create a hotspot that uses the mobile network for outside connectivity.

When you install Motorola Phone Tools and leave your Motorola phone (don't know which models, but I've owned a V3 RAZR and a K1 KRZR) in Modem/COM mode (as opposed to turning it into a USB memory stick), your PC will see it as a USB modem. (It also has the side benefit of charging your phone through the USB port... cheers to Motorola for choosing mini USB as their charging socket!)

I'm an extreme cheapskate so I don't have a data plan for my cellphone and live in Canada as well so thus I can't comment on the original poster's question about whether a given carrier will permit this.

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