Motorola A780 Operating System Hangs


In January, I bought a Motorola A780 in Taiwan and took it back to Europe. It is a nice phone with lots of software features and apparently Linux based operating system.

Unfortunately, the operating system on my phone seems to hang a little time after startup. When it hangs, it becomes extremely SLOW. It is as if one of the tasks on the operating system is getting all of the CPU time. After waiting a long time, it can sometimes be reactivated again. The place and time when it hangs is also not always the same. Sometimes it even does not go through the startup screen. Sometimes it can play real-video movies.

I have already reset and cleared the system several times via the menus on the Phone user interface. But it does not seem to solve the problems. When I first received the phone, it seems to work OK. But at a certain time it started to have this unpredictable slow behavior.

Could it be the case that the basic linux system has been messed up?

I contacted Motorola in Europe, but they do not seem to be able to give support for this mobile phone. Does anyone know how the more basic software of the system can be reset, such that I can start the system in the same way as a fully fresh en new phone?

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