Bell Operating Company Employees/Retirees

Hello Fellow Coworkers,

Many of us have lost contact with good friends. Divestiture, retirement and other circumstances have played a roll in our loss. This is our new searchable Bell Operating Company Employee database. It is hosted on the website which is operated by SBC/Bell Operating Company Employees/Retirees.

We invite all Bell Operating Company Employees/ Former Employees/Retirees to join our community for chats, forums, projects at

Your Fellow Coworkers

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thanks for sending this message along. Between divestiture, layoffs, retirements, etc the ranks have really been decimated have they not? I hope this message helps you pull your ranks together just a little.

And the rest of you, don't forget: Our good friend King Spam really did a number on my mailboxes today. What you see here today is what you get. I'll go back to my hourly flushing of the spam box tomorrow and try to take better care of real, legitmate messages. PAT]

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