Low-cost calling options for U.S. <> Iraq [telecom]

I've gotten a call from the wife of a U.S. serviceman in Iraq: she is seeking low-cost calling options to keep in touch with him.

Please submit any information you have, and I'll publish the results here. TIA.


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Bill Horne
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It's probably going to depend on what phone service he has available. Looks like landlines are about half the cost of cell phones.

talkloop.com (prepay) price/minute Iraq - AsiaCell Mobile 770, 7710 $0.132 Iraq - Atheer Mobile 780 $0.1425 Iraq - Baghdad 1 $0.04925 Iraq - KorekTel Mobile 75 $0.14628 Iraq - Kurdish Mobile 730 $0.146 Iraq - Orascom Mobile 790 $0.13816 Iraq - Other $0.072

Of course, if both of them have computers with broadband and can use Skype or similar, it doesn't cost anything.


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Dave Garland

Any MARS connections?

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It's not used anymore: the services have combined their MARS systems and are focusing on disaster preparedness. Soldiers overseas have periodic access to email, and sometimes (although, in this case, I guess not) to voice circuits via the Internet.

I don't know what the details are: as with any combat area, it's probably different from camp to camp.

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