Free or low-cost inter-NPA forwarding? [Telecom]

Perhaps telecom list subscribers could offer some suggested solutions for a listener-supported radio broadcast station in with a telecom problem. Their local (212) pledge call-in number (for on-air fund drives) was just outsourced to an outfit in nearby (516), but they'd like to continue using their well-known (212) pledge call-in number if feasible. What free or low-cost options exist for forwarding thousands of listener calls without incurring per-call charges, or for inexpensively porting the (212) number to the nearby (516) location?

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Free? Forget it. But low cost is certainly possible.

My suggestion would be to port the number to a VoIP carrier like Callcentric, then forward it from there. If the new service provider handles VoIP, you might be able to terminate it directly without forwarding. For incoming calls they charge $20/mo times the number of simultaneous calls it can handle. (If the fund drives are only once or twice a year, you can drop down to one channel most of the time, then provision as many as you need for fund drives.)

If the service bureau can't do VoIP, the outgoing forwards are a little under 2c/min.

I haven't looked at other VoIP carriers, who might be cheaper, but I know that Callcentric actually works.

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