Low cost toll-restriction devices [Telecom]

I'm looking for a low cost toll-restriction device that I can use to prevent anyone in my home doing 1+ dialing.

If it's smart enough to recognize 800 numbers, that's fine, but I'll settle for a more basic unit. Suggestions welcome.


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Is your home phone routing through the local ILEC? If so, they may (may...) offer toll blocking service.

I bumped into this by accident a decade ago in NYC. I had a dispute with Nynex (now Verizon), and they kept my local service active. But they blocked any (well most [a]) attempts at making a call that would kick over to an inter-exchange carrier.

There was a line item on the bills (which I don't have with me) listing this service at... zero cost.

[a] I played with prepending various 10xxx codes. Most didn't work. A couple did, but I never saw any billing from them.
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danny burstein

Here is one on the lower right of the page for around $50.

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Instructions on the device can be found here.
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Sandman has one for $49

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Viking's is $85

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Haven't used them myself

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