Last Laugh! Re: Shut Up About the iPhone Already!

These pod people are everywhere, and I'm beginning to think some sort of

> infection may be involved. Mass hysteria may also be a factor.

Hmmm ... iPod people? Has anyone ever examined the audio generated by an iPod to see if it contains subliminal messages to make iPod listeners into Steve Jobs personal slaves? :-).

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And if by chance you were thinking -- hoping, praying -- that this hype would end sometime in the next day or two, after reporters finished with a bang! telling how hordes of buyers got their i-Phone things and the to be expected stories of how some users 'got cheated' in the process and all that, me thinks you have another thought coming: Once the initial rush is over with in at least a week or two, then we will start a period of 'reviews', both be the professional reviewers and the ad-lib blogger community. It is going to go on and on and on, and eventually everyone with a modicum of sense in their head will join John Dvorak (PC Magazine) in demanding "SHUT UP ABOUT THE DAMN THINGS!" PAT]
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