Last Laugh! Ebay Workers Needed, Call 1-866-622-9985 x2067

Ebay workers needed call 1-866-622-9985 x2067


I got the above number as part of the usual junk that comes in each day and dumped into my junk mail box. Might be interesting to give them a call from a payphone and find out about their jobs, bet they want your bank account and SS numbers!!

The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today? (c) 2005 I Kill Spammers, Inc. A Rot in Hell Co.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I found out just the other day how one of these 'ebay' scams works: I don't know about this one you mention above, but others of them go like this: You find where rummage sales and garage sales are located in your town. If you have trouble finding them, the scammer will gladly supply you a list of a few of them. You go to the garage/rummage sale and pay _your money_ to get a few pieces of the junk they put out on the sidewalk. You then take these items and clean/polish them to make them 'antiques'. Once you have your new collection of 'antiques', you list them on E-Bay and attempt to sell them. Sounds to me to be a red-hot way to make a lot of money quick.

Another interesting way to 'make money fast' is by working part time, or full time, as you wish, for the Cash Retrieval Company. This man spams all the time telling you that you can make a 'fortune' by working for the Cash Retrieval Company. All outside work, just 'walking around all day'.

The idea is that as you walk around all day, you are to look at the ground or the sidewalk. Whenever you see some money that someone dropped by accident or otherwise lost, you of course pick it up. Then you forward 75 percent of it (money orders preferred) to the Cash Retrieval Company and keep the other 25 percent as your generous commission. A 25 percent commission is a great opportunity for you. By the way, the scammer tells you about the 'Cash Retrieval Company' and its address (his post office box, I imagine) only after you have already paid him a five dollar non-refundable deposit via Pay Pal. There are lots of ways to get rich using the internet. PAT]

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